Otium Planning Group

Otium Planning Group needed readily available spatial insights to assist their decision-making process as leaders in the open space, recreation, sport and leisure facility planning arenas.

Valuable spatial data and tools on tap

To help their team plan a wide range of current and future projects across Australia, Otium wanted a one-stop-shop spatial analytics solution that combined complex datasets with easy-to-use tools for extracting critical insights. Planwisely delivered key features such as:

Catchment analysis

Catchment Analysis Tool

Understand accessibility and extract demographic reports.

Trip Data


See where people are travelling to and from.


Combined Spatial Datasets

View multiple complex datasets to support your projects.

Otium Planning Group works across a range of planning arenas that rely on spatial insights to guide the decision-making process (Source: Otium Planning Group).

The challenge

As a business who feels a responsibility to plan communities with integrity, quality and reliability, Otium Planning Group takes a rigorous evidence-based approach to their work.

Taking this path meant relying on technical experts like GIS analysts to interrogate and interpret spatial data, creating potential resource overloads and operational losses because not all staff members were equipped to find the answers to project-related spatial questions.

With this in mind, Otium required a solution that could empower its team members to independently find specific spatial insights related to: accessibility and catchment areas, land use around existing and future sites, visitation and travel patterns to any location and more.

Otium Planning Group takes an evidence-based approach to key projects like the Master Plan for the Honey Farm Road Sport and Recreation Precinct (Source: Otium Planning Group).

The solution

Using Planwisely’s self-service, web-based interface, broad spatial data library and analytics toolkit, Otium Planning Group gave their team the power to autonomously extract insights, helping them make informed decisions based on evidence.

Specifically, Otium team members can now quickly and easily understand current and forecast demand, articulate gaps in community infrastructure provision, visualise duplication across sport and recreation networks and understand the broader planning network beyond local government boundaries. This information has helped inform sport and recreation strategies, site-specific feasibility studies and business cases, as well as a range of other projects designed to facilitate sustainable community outcomes and promote active lifestyles.

With a newfound ability to quickly understand the spatial context of their projects, as well as visualise and customise a range of attributes in a given area, Planwisely has added extra confidence and flexibility to Otium’s consulting team, helping them to make critical decisions at all stages of the planning process.

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