Smart cities

Unlock the real potential of your Smart City device network to build better communities.

How Planwisely can help your project

Data Integration

Securely integrate your own data into Planwisely.

Combined Spatial Datasets

View multiple complex datasets to support your projects.


See where people are congregating or moving through.

Deliver better outcomes today

Deliver better outcomes today

Planwisely’s rich geospatial library and combination of clever tools and functions make it the perfect platform for:

Smart City strategies

Smart City frameworks

Smart City roadmaps

Smart City implementation plans

Integrate near real-time data

Monitor IoT devices like pedestrian feeds, parking sensors, smart bins as a network on the map.

Visualise your connected network of devices within a single point of truth to better leverage your technologies to solve city challenges.

View multiple complex datasets at once

Support your Smart Cities strategy by analysing an array of spatial datasets within the one map view.

Bring together demographic and mobility data, traffic estimates and more in one place to deliver telling insights that guide your decision making process.

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Understand how people move through cities and public spaces

See where people are spending their time to inform your Smart Cities strategy and better support city planning, investment decisions, public space utilisation and more.

Get a close-up look at where people are congregating the most (or the least) and how they're moving through public spaces with granular heat maps of People Movement Data. Plus, you can filter down to time of day and compare quarters to help guide your analysis.

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