Site selection

Use spatial data to plan a better network and find the perfect location for your next site.

How Planwisely can help your project

Planwisely has features that make it easy to plan networks and select individual sites for retail stores, convenience and QSR, fuel, real estate development and much more.

Combined Spatial Datasets

View multiple complex datasets to support your projects.

Zenith Traffic Estimates

Australia's most trusted set of traffic flow estimates.


See where people are congregating or moving through.

Catchment Analysis Tool

Understand accessibility and extract demographic reports.

Deliver better outcomes today

Deliver better outcomes today

Planwisely’s rich geospatial library and combination of clever tools and functions make it the perfect platform for:

Network plans

Site selection strategies

Site analysis

Competitor analysis

Gap analysis

Territory planning

Sales area mapping

Business cases

Cannibalisation analysis

View multiple complex datasets at once

Create a deep body of evidence for your site selection process or network plan by combining spatial datasets within the one map view.

Bring together land use and planning layers, store locations, points of interest, demographic and mobility data and more in one place to deliver telling insights that guide your decision making process.

See how much traffic passes by potential sites

Analyse your site's potential, compare prospective sites and add further evidence to your development or network plans with numerical estimates of passing and surrounding traffic.

Get estimates for AM and PM peaks, off-peak traffic or even segment by commercial or total vehicle usage.

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See where people are spending their time

Understand travel activity and where people are spending their time to optimise your development plans and make well-informed site selection decisions.

Compare visitation of your area to other areas or other periods of time to inform your strategy and demonstrate the true appeal of prospective sites.

Analyse your site's potential catchment

Uncover the multi-modal accessibility of your site to understand demand, perform a competitor analysis and judge the overall potential of a site.

You can then generate demographic reports to uncover even deeper insights into who your potential customers are.

Customers making better site selection decisions

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