How Planwisely works for you

Use Planwisely to find and share geospatial insights for your next planning project, all in your web browser.

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Uncover real insights for your project

Planwisely brings rich spatial datasets to life through interactive dashboards and reports. Distil complex People Movement Data, catchment analysis, Origin-Destination data and more in insightful and digestible ways.

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Access an unparalleled data library

Planwisely puts a wealth of data for the whole of Australia at your fingertips. With Planwisely, it's easy to:

  • Visualise a wide range of demographic data
  • See how people move through cities and spaces
  • Overlay mobility data for public transport and motor vehicles
  • Leverage Zenith Traffic Estimates
  • Combine datasets to get deeper insights and so much more...

Visualise your project with ease

Planwisely gives you the tools you need to visualise insights clearly, impactfully and simply for your own analysis and for reports and presentations:

  • Export customised map views
  • Generate reports
  • Draw lines, 2D and 3D shapes
  • Add icons and text
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Get expert insights without being an expert

Dive into deep spatial data without being a GIS expert. Visualise complex and purposeful information that makes a real difference in your decision making and delivers better outcomes for your project.

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Integrate powerful geospatial data

Integrate external datasets that enhance your project and make planning easier. Seamlessly activate existing geospatial subscriptions like Nearmap, Metromap and more in Planwisely.

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A deep geospatial data library

Access and visualise a wide range of geospatial datasets that can be used for all kinds of planning projects.

People Movement Data

Understand how people move through cities and public spaces.

Geographical boundaries

Visually divide areas from LGAs right down to a meshblock level.


View planned transport infrastructure at a glance.


See public transport routes and stops for specific regions.


Visualise a massive range of demographic data for all of Australia.

Journey to work

Understand how Australia's population travel to work (2016 Census data).

Store locations

View store locations across Australia filtered by individual categories.

Points of interest

Visualise and filter points of interest data across a wide range of categories.

Land use and planning

See how land is being utilised all across Australia.

Powerful tools and functions

Investigate complex datasets with easy-to-use tools that give you the power to turn data into insights.

Demographic filters

Filter Census data to understand income, age, gender and more.

Load your own data

Integrate your own locally-stored datasets to view them in Planwisely.

Catchment analysis

Define and view catchments or generate demographic reports for that area.

Measure distance & area

Draw lines and define boundaries to measure distance and area.

Aerial imagery integration

Activate existing Nearmap or Metromap subscriptions within Planwisely.

Export maps

Export your map view as an image quickly and easily.

Drawing tool

Customise the map with shapes, text, icons and more.

Generate reports

Export reports from specific datasets.

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