Economic development

Leverage spatial data to create employment and economic opportunities within your precinct.

How Planwisely can help your project

Catchment Analysis Tool

Understand accessibility and extract demographic reports.

Length of Stay

Discover how long people are staying in a location.


See where people are congregating or moving through.


See where people are travelling to and from.

Deliver better outcomes today

Deliver better outcomes today

Planwisely’s rich geospatial library and combination of clever tools and functions make it the perfect platform for:

Economic development strategies

Tourism and visitor strategies

Business support services

Supporting business growth

Discover how accessible your area is

Uncover the multi-modal accessibility of an area to understand demand and judge its overall potential.

You can then generate demographic reports to uncover even deeper insights into who your potential customers are, which can then be used to entice businesses to a precinct.

Uncover deep insights on busy times of day

Discover how long people are staying in your area of interest to demonstrate its appeal and attract businesses to it.

View length of stay across the entire day or filter by time of day - perfect for daytime and night-time economy analysis - specific quarters, weekdays or weekends to understand exactly when the area you're developing is delivering enduring value to visitors.

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See where people spend their time

Understand travel activity and where people are spending their time to optimise your development plans.

Compare visitation of your area to other areas or other periods of time to inform your strategy and demonstrate the appeal of the area you're developing.

Discover where people are travelling from

Get insights into your potential market and overall visitation patterns within the surrounding area using trip data.

Understand where people are travelling from - all the way from a suburb to a state level - to identify trends and understand how far they are travelling. Plus, you can go even deeper by filtering Origin-Destination (OD) data by weekday, weekend or even by time of day.

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