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We believe in using real data to positively impact the real world.

What is Planwisely?

Planwisely is a subscription-based geospatial analytics platform that's designed to give planners and policy-makers evidence-based insights into urban, regional and open space environments.

These insights can then be used to effectively guide decision making and deliver better outcomes for real people in cities and towns, public spaces and regional areas.

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Built by experts

Planwisely is built and maintained by Veitch Lister Consulting (VLC). Founded in 1986, VLC is a multi-disciplinary advisory firm that specialises in transport planning, analytics and modelling, spatial analysis, policy and economics, data science and visualisation.

Using a data and evidence-led approach, VLC helps clients to make planning and policy decisions which support the creation of more liveable and connected communities.

See Planwisely in action

Make smarter geospatial decisions

Planwisely has a deep data library and intuitive map-based functionality that makes it perfect for all kinds of planners.

Traffic & Transport

Strategise and deliver safer, more efficient transport systems.

Site Selection

Use spatial data to plan a better network and find the perfect location for your next site.

Open Spaces & Parks Planning

Create higher quality open spaces with tailor-made data for planning and analysis.

Recreation Planning

Make strategic decisions informed by data to create better recreation opportunities.

Economic Development

Leverage spatial data to create employment and economic opportunities within your precinct.

Urban Design & Planning

Uncover real data insights that help you design more liveable and connected communities.


Design well-rounded places that deliver rich experiences for the people they serve.


Clearly evaluate your region and uncover powerful insights that drive your tourism strategy.

Smart Cities

Unlock the real potential of your Smart City device network to build better communities.


Empower your team members and visualise complex spatial data quickly and easily.

Social Planning

Identify trends, opportunities and issues to solve within your community.

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Use powerful geospatial datasets to uncover insights, guide your decision-making process and deliver better outcomes for your project today.