Origin-Destination Analysis Tool

We’re pleased to share that our web-based platform Planwisely has recently been enhanced with an interactive Origin-Destination (OD) Analysis Tool. This tool has been designed to be flexible and enables users to examine OD data in many dimensions in their area of interest.

Depending on the detail within your OD dataset, you can obtain rich insights into transport modes, trip purposes, length of trip times, changes across different times of day, trip origin and final destination, and much more.

Currently we are enabling the analysis of data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ (ABS) 2016 Journey-to-work dataset. As the dataset is Australia-wide, we have made the analysis tool available for any SA2 in Australia and users simply click on their chosen region using the interactive map.

OD Analysis Tool Demo

If you would like to try our OD Analysis Tool through Planwisely, or if you have your own OD data which you would like to visualise and analyse within Planwisely, please contact us at enquiries@planwisely.io.

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