Department of Transport and Planning Victoria

Victoria’s Department of Transport and Planning (DTP) needed a fast and easy-to-use spatial data platform for effective analysis and collaboration.

Connecting a large and diverse team

After trying incomplete solutions that resulted in lost time and staff frustration, DTP Victoria turned to Planwisely to smoothly connect stakeholders and drive towards better outcomes across their massive cross-functional team. Planwisely delivered key features such as:


Rendering Speed

Quickly and easily visualise data on the map.


Data Integration

Securely integrate your own data into Planwisely.

Drawing tool

Custom Data Visualisation

Customise the map view for your own project.

DTP Victoria are responsible for planning, building, operating, and maintaining Victoria’s transport and planning system.

The challenge

Responsible for planning, building, operating and maintaining Victoria’s transport and planning system, DTP Victoria brings together key transport, planning, land, precinct and policy functions within a single department.

DTP Victoria possessed large and rich spatial datasets but had no meaningful way to properly express them. The solutions they had previously used were slow (or unable to process their datasets) and cumbersome to use.

These challenges meant DTP Victoria were unsatisfied with their ability to analyse spatial data in a timely and impactful way, as well as visualise it in a form that could be understood by a range of internal and external stakeholders.

Planwisely has helped DTP leverage spatial data and unlock meaningful insights.

The solution

With its ability to stably ingest large datasets and visualise them on the map almost instantly, Planwisely gave DTP the power to leverage their own model scenarios with a wider stakeholder group and run spatial analysis on the fly – even live during meetings.

In addition to this, Planwisely’s easy-to-use interface and range of spatial analytics tools has lowered the barrier of entry to the world of spatial analysis, empowering more DTP staff – many of whom had limited prior GIS experience – to find and share insights in a straightforward, digestible way.

Planwisely’s rendering speed and spatial analysis toolkit were able to instantly improve DTP’s ability to turn information into insights and do so in a visual, impactful way. This shift resulted in enhanced stakeholder engagement by improving the flow of information between them, ultimately helping to speed up outcomes as DTP Victoria looks to create thriving places and connected communities.

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